The unstable condition of Zimbabwe, on the verge of an inevitable collapse that will destabilize the region and plunge it into chaos, is due to political illegitimacy. This situation stems from the actions of a quasi-military organization that prioritizes terrorism, human rights violations, and property destruction over legitimate governance. This group, known as the Zanu PF, focuses on maintaining power through force rather than seeking consensus and is responsible for the ongoing paralysis of the nation. They are also involved in criminal activities, centered around their own enrichment, and are compromising both national security and sovereignty.

Despite Zimbabwe’s wealth of finite, valuable, and strategic non-renewable natural resources, including lithium, gold, platinum, and chrome, these assets have been poorly managed since 1980 when the country transitioned from one oppressive regime to another. Promises of infrastructure improvements, such as building flats and swimming pools in Mbare, have gone unfulfilled, as the illegitimate government relies on the loyalty of its militant wing, which has a history of ethnic cleansing, dating back to the Gukurahundi era.

To even demonstrate why the deceived, ignorant people of Mbare who were taken for a ride by the  ignorant, inevitably and spectacularly minister of finance is now contesting on the ticket of the supreme law of the land mutilating, assaulting and diluting, illegitimate, self-enrichment obsessed, abominable, spectacularly failing, state paralyzing, state failure and collapse accelerating zanu pf, one needs to appreciate the logic deficient thinking behind the electoral promise of swimming pools and flats. The paralyzed  state of Zimbabwe, which became paralyzed because the exclusionary, plundering, incompetent, violent thuggish pests and parasites who want to die in public offices because it is an avenue of accumulating ill-gotten wealth, has basically death welcoming, assuring, and promotion road infrastructure, no dams utilization for electricity generation crucial for the industry that is being destroyed by the property rights battering effects of the referenced political illegitimate thugs, crucial for the health sector, in addition to barely functional health infrastructure, as evidenced by medical tourism, of seeking of specialist medical attention from abroad, particularly in China and Singapore, as was the case with deposed Mugabe, and is the case with illegitimate mnangagwa. In other words, the lack of logic laden priorities otherwise indicated that the deceived, gullible people of Mbare were never going to get flats and swimming pools, even though it very much can be done, and is not high on the country’s priority list.

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