According to the useless, grossly incompetent, partisan, politicized and militarized anti-corruption commission, that is sympathetic to the futile establishment of a one party state by the quasi-military edifice whose commandist approaches of illegitimate ruling, instead of governing through consensus, which is also a criminal enterprise that is a dismally failing, Illegitimate, self-enrichment obsessed zanu pf that denigrate cries for democracy and transparency, accountability and political legitimacy, as evidenced by prompt, affordable, reliable decent quality service delivery deprivations, a so called anticorruption syllabus will be incorporated in the current equally useless new curriculum.

According to the inept, unprofessional, partisan, politicised and militarized anti-corruption commission, whose personnel is not on the basis of merit, but on loyalty to those who are elements of the criminal enterprise, that is the sole architect of the prevailing state paralysis, democratic values erosion, compromised national sovereignty and security, the ministry of primary and secondary education, whose personnel have been reduced to peasant donkeys, living in absolute squalor and destitution, will be guided to introduce content that will miraculously teach learners to shun corruption. Conveniently, the above referenced inept, partisan, militarized organization, will leave out content that will educate learners on the causes and triggers of corruption, which are all attributed to the parasitic, pillaging, illegitimate criminal enterprise that is zanu pf.

The latter’s unreasonable and illegitimate obsession with the creation of a one party state that is supreme to all and everyone, especially its perpetual victim of mutilation, debasement and violation, the supreme law of the land, to retain power illegitimately, with no sanctions for abuse of said illegitimate power, especially given the fact that it removes impediments to plundering and looting of the country’s finite renewable and non-renewable resources for self-enrichment, instead of channelling them towards national development especially in terms of value addition industries, dilapidated health sector, agriculture sector, making it resilient, and economic empowerment of the people is the main culprit behind the cancer that is corruption, plaguing the paralyzed state of Zimbabwe.

Erroneous thinking that introducing the insensitive anticorruption education material that will not be taught at all by teachers whose welfare the above referenced pillaging, illegitimate zanu pf deliberately ignores, and neglects, will not eradicate corruption. What will eradicate corruption if first and foremost, democratic consolidation and entrenching through free, credible and transparent elections, that will saw the recently reinvigorated, resilient and innovative opposition transitions into power tranquilly, and consequentially reviving the mutilated supreme law of the land, which will see equality before the law restored, impartial and independent judiciary, rule of law, accountability, and transparency on the part of governing authorities, that have been elected. That is the vaccine to corruption.

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