China is now perceived as the new colonizing force in Zimbabwe, acting as the country’s new masters with considerable influence. They have been accused of abusing and exploiting Zimbabweans and their natural resources, exporting raw materials without processing or adding value within the country. This practice deprives Zimbabwe of potential job opportunities and economic benefits from resource beneficiation.

Displacement of communities, exploitation of labor, and environmental degradation have been linked to China’s investment in Zimbabwe, primarily focused on their own growth rather than the welfare of the local population. The continuation of the Zanu PF party in power, known for its oppressive practices and constitutional violations, has led some Zimbabweans to doubt the possibility of benefiting from their country’s resources.

Zanu PF’s desire for a one-party state and their tendency to prioritize self-enrichment over public welfare exacerbate the situation. A change in government could potentially lead to a more democratic and accountable system, with improved human rights and rule of law, which contrasts with the interests of both the Zanu PF party and China.

The widening wealth gap between the impoverished majority and the privileged few in Zimbabwe, paired with the country’s abundant natural resources, highlights the failure of the current government to address critical issues such as healthcare, education, and economic stability. Unfortunately, the illegitimate Zanu PF government, due to its arrogance and self-enrichment focus, seems incapable of utilizing the country’s natural resources for the welfare of its citizens.

As a result, Zimbabweans are left to rely on international organizations like UNICEF and the World Food Program for essential services, which they are being deprived of by the Zanu PF government.

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