The illegitimate Zanu PF party’s propaganda machine has been working tirelessly to claim that they have made inroads in opposition strongholds in recent by-elections. However, critics argue that these so-called inroads are nothing more than blatant rigging, facilitated by a compromised electoral commission.

Those who believe that the failing Zanu PF party has genuinely made progress in opposition strongholds are misguided and misled, much like a camel that has put its head into a tent made of ignorance. The individuals responsible for promoting Zanu PF’s deceptive propaganda are complicit in perpetuating this misinformation. The fact remains that the party, which holds power illegitimately and has contributed to the erosion of the country’s supreme law, is primarily responsible for the ongoing state paralysis and its consequences.

Imagine the state as a malnourished, impoverished 40-year-old donkey expected to perform like a 5-year-old one. This exhausted, abused creature has an anchor tied to its hind legs, yet it’s still pushed beyond its limits without any compassion. Replace this poor donkey with the state, and you get a paralyzed nation. The ones who mistreated and neglected the donkey are none other than the corrupt, failed individuals who make up the illegitimate Zanu PF.

Continuing with the substitution analogy, those who attended school when teachers were still paid and not being poached by countries with fewer natural resources, like Rwanda, learned about the concept of substitution. This concept is complicated for failed Zanu PF supporters who, due to their ignorance and lack of comparative flexibility intelligence, cannot understand and reflect on the urgency to replace the failed, destructive Zanu PF.

Moreover, the children of Zanu PF supporters, who often lack this comparative intelligence, typically do not attend school, whether teachers were on strike or not. Instead, they are devoted to attending unproductive, resource-draining Zanu PF rallies where they are told about a largely fictional liberation struggle that has failed to deliver its original objectives, primarily independence from colonialism. Now, Zimbabwe finds itself as a colony for the second time.

Returning to the suffering donkey analogy, the food and care it was deprived of or denied need to be replaced with prompt, reliable, decent, and affordable service delivery and welfare for the people. These people have evolved from a malnourished, impoverished donkey to a terrorized, oppressed population, denied the services they need. The failed Zanu PF is unresponsive and insensitive to their welfare, as it primarily focuses on predation, plundering, and looting for self-gain.

The question that becomes the proverbial “fattest elephant in the room” is how a party that has obviously failed and is responsible for state paralysis can make inroads in the strongholds of people who, for decades, have been voting to substitute the failed for the successful. In this case, they have been supporting the innovative, resilient, and vibrant opposition. These are the same people that the failed, destructive Zanu PF has neglected and terrorized. Why would they sabotage their chances of liberation by allowing the parasites to make inroads among the enlightened and informed electorate? This issue raises more questions, becoming multiple “fat elephants” in the room that demand attention and resolution.

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