Here is what to expect and get after 2023 elections rigging by the state paralyzing, dismally failing,
pillaging and human rights abusing, illegitimate zanu pf. All of whatever you will get will greatly
enhance your suffering in unimaginable ways. The quasi-military edifice whose commandist
approaches of illegitimate ruling, instead of governing through consensus, which is also a criminal
enterprise that is a dismally failing zanu pf that denigrate cries for democracy and transparency,
accountability and political legitimacy, as evidenced by prompt, affordable, reliable decent quality
service delivery deprivations, has more motives to rig the elections, as such, this is to prepare you for
what is to come.

After the elections are rigged, as a mean to an end of the above referenced authoritarian party that is
in power illegitimately, for fulfilment and satisfaction of its self-enrichment agenda, the already
paralyzed state of Zimbabwe will capitulate and subsequently fail. It is this evolution of the paralyzed
state to a capitulated and subsequently failed state, which will be accompanied by non-existent,
unenforceable state security and sovereignty that will conceive the conditions that will greatly affect
the food insecure, unemployed, drug abusing, resorting to prostitution, struggling, impoverished,
abused, exploited, oppressed and terrorized masses whose welfare has been neglected for four
decades, accelerating the already prevailing underdevelopment plaguing the referenced paralyzed
In the last segments of the year 2023, aftermath the rigging of the elections, stealing the will of the
above referenced masses living in absolute poverty and squalor, deaths, owing to deliberate lack of
political will to modernize and introduce more modern, well equipped health infrastructure,
complimented by a well-motivated and enthusiastic personnel, whose welfare has not been
neglected, at a time where useless institutions, like that of traditional chiefs are getting paid more for
doing nothing except terrorizing ignorant, uninformed, parochial peasants and rural electorate, in
addition to weaponizing and distributing food aid, along partisan lines, will quadruple. If not more
than that. In other words, people being ruled by an illegitimate party, that is anti-development, prefers
to rule instead of govern, will die like flies, especially vulnerable elements of society, especially
pregnant women and young children.
The rural electorate, which ignorantly has supported the evil, criminal enterprise, that is the
illegitimate zanu pf, responsible for the prevailing state paralysis, whose bid to stay in power at the
cost of national security and sovereignty, will continue to be displaced, without compensation for that
matter, to pave way for the predatory elements that are working in cahoots with the pests and
parasites in the illegitimate zanu pf.

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