The power hungry, insatiable Auxillia burns off money that could have bought a couple of radiotherapy machines for cancer patients condemned to die. The money was burnt during her treasonous, and traitorous trip to Belarus, another tyrannical and authoritarian country in Europe, where she met the dictator there, despite the fact that she is not elected, and has no capacity to be meeting him, or globetrotting, especially using taxpayers’ funds, who are over burdened by taxes implemented by equally sadistic, yet clueless and failed finance minister, who is running for a parliamentary seat on the basis of free Wi-Fi, a cheap electoral promise.

She went with her sons, again, both of whom are unelected, never mind the fact that the whole of the vermin, that is the constituents of the criminal enterprise that is the illegitimate zanu pf, is itself unelected, is ruling, instead of constitutionally governing, the people whose political will it appropriated by force, supported by the impoverished, living in absolute squalor and destitution rank and file of the partisan and politicized security sector which is desperate for long overdue constitutional  reforms. According to the illegitimate, people’s neglected insensitive and unresponsive zanu pf, that is responsible for the dominant and entrenched state paralysis, owing to its referenced illegitimacy, is compromising the national security and sovereignty, the visit by the unelected, power hungry Auxillia to Belarus was to deepen the bilateral relations between the two authoritarian and dictatorial states.

In what capacity does the power hungry, overburdened taxpayers funds wasting Auxillia deepen bilateral relations with Belarus or any other country for that matter? She is not even trained in international relations or international politics to be even in a position to negotiate any meaningful deals that will benefit the country, that is in a cesspool of crises, all of which have been manufactured and conceived through political illegitimacy, which basically is a vehicle to futilely establish a one party state that would be supreme to all and everything, particularly the food insecure, unemployed, drug abusing, resorting to prostitution, struggling, impoverished, abused, exploited, oppressed and terrorized masses whose welfare has been neglected for four decades, who would vote it out of power in a multi-party, constitutional liberalism and entrenched democracy, and the supreme law of the land which the evil, illegitimate and dismally failing zanu pf mutilates, violates and debases with impunity, all as a poorly calculated means to an end of plundering and looting finite and infinite natural, non-renewable resources meant for the neglected welfare of the people, as evidenced by prompt, affordable, and reliable service delivery of decent, consistent quality.

The money could have been used to modernize and reinforce the country’s combat against cancer, which, ironically has a POLAD seat that Chamisa refused. 

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