Rigging elections, usurping the popular will of the people, who suffer as a result, become unemployed, food insecure, inflation besieged, oppressed, terrorized, abused, exploited, impoverished masses, whose youths are turning to drug use and prostitution, and other crimes, resorting to suicides, as evidenced by higher rates of suicide which have more than quadrupled, to rule them, instead of govern them as sanctioned by the supreme law of the land, which is in a violated and mutilated state, to be of any deterring utility, by the terrorist, human and property rights molesting, ignorant, illegitimate the quasi-military edifice whose commandist approaches of illegitimate ruling, instead of leading through consensus, which is also a criminal enterprise that is a dismally failing, vile, self-enrichment fixated zanu pf that is blamable for the prevalent, irrepressible state paralysis, is in the business of compromising both the national security and sovereignty, has extremely high rewards, with little to no consequences at all.

If there had been low rewards, high risks and consequences for rigging elections, the destructive, cancerous, pilfering, ignorant, incompetent, national development averse, futilely one party state seeking, vile, spectacularly failing zanu pf illegitimately retaining power through elections rigging, paralyzed state sanctioned electoral violence, the referenced parasitic, plundering criminal enterprise would not be rigging elections. So it can only indicate conclusively that there are extremely high rewards for rigging elections, and here is why. When you rig elections to get into office, or remain in office, that is public, and should be occupied by what should be public servants, you become a public master, answerable to none. This is where things get interesting.

When you are in the said public office, and you are now a public master, in short a tyrant, who no longer is bound by the deterring fear of loss of said office due to misperfomance, abuse of office especially for illegal gain at the expense of the people who voted you in office, embezzlement and corruption, you invest in schemes and designs that ensure that you remain in that office, against the will of the people who voted for you in the first place, or whose popular will you are now subverting through electoral rigging and electoral violence. This will be compounded by the fact that you will be paranoid of getting jail, should you lose the public office, motivations to keep you rigging elections, and unleashing politically motivated violence, to remain in power illegitimately, making the whole thing cyclical. In addition to this, rigging elections opens doors for you or gives you access to finite, natural, non-renewable resources for plundering and looting, as a means to an end of self-enrichment, in a paralyzed state where accountability, transparency, rule of law, equality before the law, independent, impartial courts of law immunized from political interference would deter said looting and plundering for self-enrichment.

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